8 de agosto de 2019
Bodega González-Byass - Jerez (Ver Condiciones de Admisión)
Ricard Camarena is a Valencian chef who left his passion for music and trumpet to devote himself to the kitchen. It changed scores for recipes, musical compositions by dining and playing in the band for cooking equipment.
Currently their flavors recipes, products and good service have served you to achieve three times the Michelin star in its restaurants ‘Arrop’, ‘Arrop Valencia’ y ‘Ricard Camarena Restaurant’. Similarly, it has recertified three Suns of the Repsol Guide for your current gastronomic restaurant 'Ricard Camarena Restaurant'. In its restaurant, we find a kitchen whose taste is above all.
Very elaborate and cuisine with great technique always taste and product service. Pure kitchen that visually seems bit complicated, but transmitting an infinite number of sensations.
Ricard has other restaurants: 'Rogue Bistro', 'Central Bar', 'Normal', 'Ricard Camarena Colón' and 'Ricard Camarena LAB'.

Remember that you can choose from two hours for dinner: 21.30 h or 23.15 h
-If you are interested in attending "The dinner of the stars", without going to the concert, select the hours 21:30 h.
-If you are going to attend one of the concerts select 23:15 h, you can enjoy "Dinner of the stars" at the end of it.
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