7 de agosto de 2019
Bodega González-Byass - Jerez (Ver Condiciones de Admisión)
Toño Pérez decided to start his own business with his inseparable friend José Polo in 1986 inaugurated Atrio restaurant. Toño Pérez was clear about his passion for cooking, his career blossomed with Juan Mari Arzak, at Jockey Restaurant (Madrid), Jean Pierre Bruneau, (Brussels) and El Bulli.
Toño Pérez begins to cook initially with a French style mixed with nouvelle cuisine, until he shapes his own style, using local seasonal product and Extremadura's gastronomic tradition as the basis of Toño Pérez's avant-garde creativity. Today, this style is endorsed by two Michelin stars and three Suns of the Repsol guide.

Remember that you can choose from two hours for dinner: 21.30 h or 23.15 h
-If you are interested in attending "The dinner of the stars", without going to the concert, select the hours 21:30 h.
-If you are going to attend one of the concerts select 23:15 h, you can enjoy "Dinner of the stars" at the end of it.
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