12 de agosto de 2019
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TRIGO Y BALUARTE - Óscar García y Víctor Martín
Oscar García, bastion, and Victor Martin of wheat each one with 1 Michelin star they will share kitchens at the dinner of the stars, an original experience to share with these Michelin star Chefs.

Óscar García- BALUARTE
His career in our land and beyond, its proven and recognized talent through various distinctions and awards as well as their permanent creativity and innovation, have led to this young chef to be part of the Top 20 young Spanish chefs highlights of our country, ranking compiled by the economic newspaper Expansion.
Worker tireless, with a long professional experience despite his youth, he began his professional career at Vinuesa, his hometown. With just 21 years was in charge of the family business Hotel restaurant Alvargonzález. In 2008 he moved to the capital Soriana where it undertakes a new project in the iconic and noble palace of Alcantara, that at this time it has become regarding essential in the culinary arts of our province.
In November 2016 granted him the award for "best restaurant" de Castilla y León by the Royal Academy of gastronomy and granted its first Star by the prestigious Michelin Guide Michelin

Victor Martín- TRIGO
Passionate about the cuisine and devoted to homeland, Víctor (1972) has been trained in the Hospitality Schools of Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. Before starting his family business, he worked with Santi Santamaría, at the Racó de Can Fabes in Barcelona, and at Sant Celoni, in Madrid. Another important stage in its career took place in Catalonia, in the restaurants Ábac, Rúcula or Fonda Sala.
He has gained his first Michelin Star, in the 2018 edition. He also has two Repsol Suns. He was a finalist for the 2009 Revelation Restaurant Award at the International Culinary Congress, Madrid Fusión, and finalist for the 2011 Chef Millesime Award. Best Restaurant 2013 by the Castilian and Leonese Academy of Gastronomy and Food.

Remember that you can choose from two hours for dinner: 21.30 h or 23.15 h
-If you are interested in attending "The dinner of the stars", without going to the concert, select the hours 21:30 h.
-If you are going to attend one of the concerts select 23:15 h, you can enjoy "Dinner of the stars" at the end of it.

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